One of thoooose nights

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Sweet September

I feel like I’m not the only one who gets ridiculously excited for the fall? I went to a craft’s fair this weekend with my best friend and literally screamed when I saw my first leave float to the ground. Cooler weather, heartier food, and fall clothes aren’t the only things that have made September so wonderful.

A road trip to Syracuse with the best friend and some work friends to go to the New York State fair. I would have taken more pictures of mullets, but they’re not to be disturbed in their natural habitat

On the way I saw a place called “Last Licks” from the highway. I swerved off the exit and into the parking lot of this place. I walked in and it was a sandwich shop with a fro-yo machine. Nothing to blog about ;-)…Very nice owner though

Visited the relatives

Tried the local brews

Note: “brews” not brew

Not sure if any of you stay home on Friday night’s to watch Man v Food because I sure as shootin don’t and I didn’t beg to get bbq here either

Oh hey

They were open…did we go?

A weekend with a To-Do list like this is sure a God-send. I swapped paying my dental bill with going to church…I think it was the righteous thing to do

I may or may not have not gotten out of bed until 4:30 on Saturday.

Post-Mass was a roomie dinner with Pumpkin cheesecake from Magnolia bakery.

For those of you who skim read I said Pumpkin Cheesecake Be still my heart

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is language. It bothers me that we don’t have words for some of the emotions we feel. English is a very limiting language. We have so many words to chose from yet there are times when no word exists to explain what you’re feeling. For example, if your best friend’s grandmother dies you say “I’m sorry for your loss.” This is condolence. But what do you say to the person who didn’t necessarily lose something, they just never got it in the first place? “I’m sorry for what you don’t have.” This is…what? And yet there are so many situations that need this word. The woman who can’t get pregnant, the great student who never got that scholarship, or the boy left rejected on one knee. I guess I’ve just been feeling something lately similar to this lately – but I just don’t know how to express it. Not only that…but how many times do you feel that the words that are coming out of your mouth do not perfectly represent what you’re thinking. Furthermore, who’s to say that the person you’re speaking to actually interprets what you’re saying the way you would like them to. I’ve always been good with words, but I can’t say I’m eloquent. Basically, what I’m trying to say is…does anyone ever know what the fuck you’re saying?

Just some thoughts on a Tuesday night…coming soon my first ice cream recipe to kick off fall. American Apple Pie It was heavenly.

And a song to wrap it up…This one goes out to anyone who thinks their dad is a super hero. I don’t know if yours is, but mine suuuure as shootin is. If you haven’t listened to Nizlopi yet..enjoy 😉

Keep smilin…it makes everyone wonder 😉

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I think our dreams are the hardest things that we’ve been given.

Since the time we are young we hear, “you can be anything you want to be when you grow up”. Can you? Of course you can. The hard part is determining what it is that you want. Life can change so quickly, and so can our dreams. So much of growing up is learning to identify your strengths and accept your weakness. I think that I’ve spent too much time dreaming and not enough time realizing what it is that makes me who I am and how I can use those things to foster my sense of self and work towards making my dreams come true.

Is that too Disney of me? As noticed…I have taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog in an effort to simply – be with myself. To thine own self be true, huh? I’ve taken a month to just … calm down a bit.

I tried not to stress out
I did what I wanted
I had some fun

Let’s look…

Mad men premier party

Hotel opening with best friend from college

New city friends


Saki Bombing in DC


Ran a half marathon on a whim

…those turned into dark chocolate pb ice cream sammie but my cammie died.

Holy Moly I’ve done a lot in a month. But, that’s where I’ve been.

I’ve been reading ya’ll still.

Let’s keep dreaming together.

Smiles from,

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Happy Friday

Not sure if you heard that it’s Friday. It’s been a long week…long enough that this made the perfect ending:

Yup! Red wine and tasty de-lite.

Something so cool happened tonight. No, it wasnt that i spent the night on the couch watching mad men. It was that Adam Richman from Man v. Food sent me a message on Twitter 🙂 I had tweeted that (after watching him do the Crown Candy milk shake challenge – 15 milkshakes in 30 minutes in St. Louis, MI) that I wanted to be in a serious relationship with him.

Man(and wife) v. Food. AAaaanndd he said “nice! wedding cake challenge”


Wow, I’m pretty weird.

Looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxation :-)! Megan – my sister – is getting married in one week!


Goodnight NY

Keep smiling,

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Beat up

I’m really tired. Like really really tired. I just got home from work. Sat at the desk from 7:57 AM to 8:33 pm. Tonight, I feel like I am the epitome of everything they tell you not to do in a health magazine

– I sat all day.
– I stared at a computer all day
– My posture was probably horrific
– I took breaks with the smokers (but did not smoke)
– I had 5 coffees
– I ate about my body weight in Chinese food.

Oh well, right? I’m very stressed right now. In fact – starting around 6 oclock my left eye has been throbbing. That’s probably not good, right?? It’s definitely not good that I still have about 5 hours of reading left to do for work tomorrow before I go to bed. Oy! July is just our busy month…and understandably so. I work in Commodities Trading for Electricity and Natural Gas. Think about it – come summer everyone turns their AC’s on, power outages are common, water melts from the rockys and creates excess hydro power, the sun is shining for surplus solar power and hurricanes lurk around every corner. People also take a lot of vacations in the summer which makes the newbies life pretty tricky. No complaints though! I’m as happy as a clam. (Clams can be exhausted and aching backs right??)

The beginning of the week hasn’t been too bad. I’ve already run 10 miles this week 🙂 I’ve been running off a weekend of fun from my sister’s bachelorette party in Saratoga. If you’ve never been – I highly suggest it! It was ADORABLE!!

The girls

The PARTY girls

Like you’ve never seen a gluten free italian themed weiner cookie before.


And pictures can end at dinner 😉

The next morning we went to Roosevelt Spa and Baths for Mineral Baths and massages….now don’t judge but this is what the bath looked like…

The water only looked like thatbecause of the high iron levels. I swear my skin has never felt softer

A little shopping…no big purchases unfortunately

Lunch at a really cool circus themed restaurant

Veggie Melt and Sweet Potato Fries, Amen.

You wouldnt believe I went to Saratoga if I didn’t have a picture of a horse

And you wouldnt believe it was my blog unless I had a picture of ice cream (gelato, actualllyyy.

Fun fact about gelato: Gelato only contains about 35% air where as regular ice cream contains 45% and soft serve contains 60%…Gelato also has a lower butter fat percentage than ice cream so it’s better for you AND more dense.

Speaking of ice cream (as always)…check these out…


I’m making some ice cream tomorrow for the peeps at work. I think regular chocolate is on the menu. Any other requests?? I’ll be documenting the process

What’s you’re favorite flavor?

Smiles from,

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one for the books

what an amazing first weekend in nyc. I couldn’t be happier with life right now. I feel like my stars must have lined up, i must have done something right, or my hard work is finally paying off. Whatever it is – I am so grateful for my blessings.

I have a family who loves me unconditionally
I have friends who I swear are angels
I have the opportunity to live life the way I’ve always dreamed.
In short, life is good.

My best friend from college came to visit me and we had a weekend to remember. I left work early on Friday and hit the gym for a quick two mile run. After I hopped on the subway to pick Lauren up from Penn Station. We were so tired from two long days and truly just wanted to veg out befor a night on the town. We picked up some Amy’s, had a glass of red and got ready for a great night

Isn’t Lauren gorgeous? Her heart is even prettier (if possible)

We went to this swanky club on the west side and felt very Sex in the City. “Two cosmos, please”

Saturday morning was beautiful. We walked to Grand Central and took the train back home for family bbq. Good eats and good times. Saturday night we were still so exhausted from the night before and all the walking we had been doing that we just kept it simple. By keeping it simple, I mean to say that sooommeeooneee had the best idea ever.

Ice cream, anyone?

yup. yup yup yupyup

then that happened

sunday morning we woke up with an ice cream hangover, checked out the closest church for 9:30 am mass and continued our walking excursion. On the cab ride back to penn station tonight, Lauren and I calculated just how much we walked. We looked up that 20 city blocks equal one mile and, according to our numbers, we walked 21 miles. 21! Sundae well deserved, no?
The rest of the day was spent walking down 5th avenue, grabbing a salad from Dean & Deluca , checking out St. Pat’s, scoping (but not scoopng) Donald Trump’s ice cream parlor, tanning in Central Park and having some celebratory Blue Moons at a local BBQ joint.

This morning we slept in and woke up with one thing on our minds. cupcakes. My passion for ice cream is mirrored only by Lauren’s love for baking. On our way to cupcakes we stopped at the Met. (Shouldn’t it be the other way around?). The Met was beautiful, as always, I cant believe how lucky I am to have such a cultural edifice in my backyard. OR! having my backyard be central park 😀 On the way to the met I discovered some icreadible places in the area. Recognize these anyone?

The “To-Eat” list is growing exponentially. And I am very okay with that. On to the Met…

New boyfriend.
Lauren trying to decide how this could possibly be a headdress
Hey Ben! Want some ice cream?
Awesome Picasso exhibit
Okay on to the good stuff…
We split a Knish along the walk (mostly because neither one of us knew what a Knish was and just loved saying Knish)
Funny mime

And that was my amazing weekend. Back to reality tomorrow. That’s okay though, reality is great too. Gotta work if you want to have fun.

What’s you favorite way to spend a weekend with a friend?

Here’s one for ya…(if you’ve never listened to Ryan Adams, you must stop everything and fall in love…)

Hope you all had a great fourth of july weekend!!

Smiles from,

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Hey good morning!

Let’s get this day rolling! It’s the Friday before a long holiday weekend and when you’ve worked 13 hour days you are ready for the weekend.

I have a confession.

I’m falling in love…

The last few days have been uber stressfull at work. I work on the trading floor of one of those big evil banks and my days are filled with yelling, excel spreadsheets, and seriousness all around. Not fun, but I dig it for now. I work with commodities – power and gas – and it’s really cool to learn about all the things that keep us movin’. My job is tied to the real world and with the summer comes high energy bills and thunderstorms – not good for electricity trading and way more work for me. That’s okay though, you gotta earn your keep somehow. I think i’ve bit off a little more than I can chew lately and I’m scrambling to keep it together. Throw me up a prayer to the big guy when you get a chance.

Enough about that kind of energy..

My morning energy

Last night was great – I signed up for the $30 for 30 days at NYSC and was able to get in 4 miles in 37.43 and some lifting. It feels so good to sweat – I’ve been so busy lately that I honestly have not had any time. I’m looking forward my left over 29 days 🙂

Also last night…

I’ve seen this all over the blogs and I decided to give it a whirl. Vegetarian baked beans + sweet potato.


Also, run don’t walk if you’ve never tried these. They’re heaven


All right, I must get going! Today is dress down day at work which means I dont have to be a suit monkey today!!! (Is my life that boring now? Am I old?) Anyway, I want to take advantage of my favorite new walk in the mornings
Yay dress
Cool, beans, yo.
Don’t mind if i do!

Have a good Friday, ya’ll! My best friend Lauren is visiting this weekend and that means good eats, good laughs, and lots of trouble 😉 kidding.

kind of.

OH! Here’s on to check out…
It’s a feel good song 🙂

Smiles from ,

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I have a bit of advice. Stop planning everything, immediately – because it’s not going to turn out the way you think it is. Don’t get me wrong – you need to dream and dream BIG. But just stop worrying about every minute detail and let life happen.

I have been truly amazed at life recently. A week ago I was fighting with my parents, dreading going to work, and crying before bed. This week I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face. For the first time in a while, I am completely free to live my life. As weird as that sounds, that’s something really new for me. I have been in a relationship for the past four years of my life, and I’m ready to just relax and think about what I need for a bit. And yeah, that may be/sound a bit selfish – but I think it needs to happen at least once in your life in order to discover who you truly are.

There’s been a lot of this lately…

And even more of this…

I finally got the chance to go food shopping tonight – there’s an organic market one block up!!! I’m in heaven 😀 .. good eats to come. There’s also one of these…

I’m screwed.

Commuting has been my exercise lately! I’ve been waking up with the sun at 5 am and walking about four miles to grand central station. It’s been beautiful watching all the shop keepers opening their stores in the morning. The smell of bagels and flowers are torture and bliss – respectively, of course. My only issue is that I’m getting on the train rather sweaty. Oh well, let em judge 😉

And commuting isnt that bad after all…

Is it Friday yet?! My best friend Lauren planned a surprise last minute visit – and I can’t wait to see her 😀

Here’s a great song to check out…an oldie, but goodie

Relax, have a good night, keep smiling (and stop planning)

Love from,

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time to grow up

It’s official! I’m a grown up. Nope, neither graduating from college nor getting a full time job was enough evidence for me. It’s so strange to think I have my very own apt. Packing last night was a strangely emotional experience (no the beer had nothing to do with that). I came across all of my old journals, travel photos and just little knick-knacks that I haven’t seen in years.

Reading an old diary is, in my opinion, reading on crack. You know the character better than anyone else and you are able to empathize with all of their struggles. Even more strange – the book never ends (or grows boring) because you know exactly how every situation was handled but you are also left wondering about what happens next. I highly suggest you give it a try 😉

Welp…it’s been a day.

Woke up this morning to volunteer at my local SPCA before the big move. Would you say no to someone who gave you the opportunity to play with sixty scared puppies after they have been rescued from a puppy mill in Mississippi. I didn’t think so.

Be still my heart…look at these guys
That guy’s Bailey (no relation to my Bailey)
Long puppy
Yoda puppy

I raced home from the shelter, packed the car, and jetted down to Main Street to one last cup of coffee with the best friend (of 17 years). A large, non-fat, medium body au-lait is bliss. For the starbuckers – a misto. Try it. Love it. Lap it up. After that – and a “oh my God I lost my wallet!” fiasco – moms and pops were kind to help me move all my crud.

To be honest – it wasn’t all that bad! 32 floors…no big deal! We walked em all, how bout that for a workout

I’m kidding. I’m crazy but I’m not that crazy.

Less than five hours later, I’m packed, unpacked, put away, and showered. See, proof…

And the abode…

No I didn’t start singing “concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” when I finally got settled.

Tonight’s the first night with the new roommates. They both seem super sweet, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them. I mean, obviously, im a teensy, paltry, almost insignificant bit scared of this big change in my life. But let’s get to it!

All right, 5 am wake up. Oh, you mean I didn’t explain that I have an hour an a half commute? Silly me.

Keep smiling,

Never let life’s hardships disturb you … no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages.
Nichiren Daishonen

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moving to the big apple but certainly not eating one tonight…

hey there 😉

What an exciting past few weeks. Life moves quickly when you’re having fun, huh? Tomorrow is a very big day for me. I am moving out of the house I grew up in and into my first apartment…in New York City! I am so very excited.

Some members of the family are less exciting then others.

I’ve been having the strangest emotions about moving. To be honest, I always thought I would be making “the big move” with a boyfriend or, at the very least, a best friend. Instead, I’m going all by myself. This excites and terrifies me all at the same time. I have come to realize that I do enjoy spending time alone. I had two serious boyfriends in college and while I love(d) them both dearly I don’t think I completed the necessary soul searching during my college years. I’m learning, now, that I must pursue my passions for writing, food, and love in order to life my best life.

Considering I left all of my packing until the night before (surprise?)…it’s going to be a very long night.

Ben Franklin bear is very excited to move to the big apple – but he hates packing! I wonder where he got that from 😉

(sidenote: Ben Franklin bear, and his copy of the declaration of independence, go everywhere with me. When I was a young girl, ever summer my grandmother and great aunt joan would take me on a “historical vacation” We went to Salem, Plymouth, Mystic…you name it. Our last vacation before my aunt joan died of lung cancer was to Philadelphia – where I found Ben. We’ve been best friends ever since)

…to further procrastinate packing, I decided it would be a good idea to make one final batch of ice cream for mom and pops. They’ve come to expect a new flavor every Friday – it’s probably a good idea for their wasteline and my pocket that I cut back my ice cream production! Tonight I made “Thin Mint Mocha”…

Thats Eric, my beloved ice cream maker.

The finished product

Everyone HATED it 😉

Here’s what you’ll need…

2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup milk (i use whole)
3/4 cup sugar
4 tsp. of unsweetened cocoa powder (i like good ole’ fashioned Hershey’s)
2 heaping tbsps of freeze dried instant coffee
2 lg eggs
1 box Girl Scout thin mints (or chocolate mint wafter of your choice)

1. Blend cream, milk, sugar, cocoa and coffee.
2. Whisk eggs in another bowl until light yellow and pour into cream mixture
3. Transfer to Eric (ice cream maker) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
4. In a gallon freezer bags smash thin mints until they meet your crumb-expectations (I like mine mostly crumb with a few cookie
5. About 2 – 4 minutes before the mixture is done freezing pour in the thin mints.
6. Eat till your stomach bulges.

All right, already, I’ll go pack. I wonder what could make this process a little easier? Let’s just say I skipped the ice cream (gasp!) in favor of something else…

Have a good night! I’ll post tomorrow with pics of the new pad 😉

Keep smiling,

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