Sweet September

I feel like I’m not the only one who gets ridiculously excited for the fall? I went to a craft’s fair this weekend with my best friend and literally screamed when I saw my first leave float to the ground. Cooler weather, heartier food, and fall clothes aren’t the only things that have made September so wonderful.

A road trip to Syracuse with the best friend and some work friends to go to the New York State fair. I would have taken more pictures of mullets, but they’re not to be disturbed in their natural habitat

On the way I saw a place called “Last Licks” from the highway. I swerved off the exit and into the parking lot of this place. I walked in and it was a sandwich shop with a fro-yo machine. Nothing to blog about ;-)…Very nice owner though

Visited the relatives

Tried the local brews

Note: “brews” not brew

Not sure if any of you stay home on Friday night’s to watch Man v Food because I sure as shootin don’t and I didn’t beg to get bbq here either

Oh hey

They were open…did we go?

A weekend with a To-Do list like this is sure a God-send. I swapped paying my dental bill with going to church…I think it was the righteous thing to do

I may or may not have not gotten out of bed until 4:30 on Saturday.

Post-Mass was a roomie dinner with Pumpkin cheesecake from Magnolia bakery.

For those of you who skim read I said Pumpkin Cheesecake Be still my heart

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is language. It bothers me that we don’t have words for some of the emotions we feel. English is a very limiting language. We have so many words to chose from yet there are times when no word exists to explain what you’re feeling. For example, if your best friend’s grandmother dies you say “I’m sorry for your loss.” This is condolence. But what do you say to the person who didn’t necessarily lose something, they just never got it in the first place? “I’m sorry for what you don’t have.” This is…what? And yet there are so many situations that need this word. The woman who can’t get pregnant, the great student who never got that scholarship, or the boy left rejected on one knee. I guess I’ve just been feeling something lately similar to this lately – but I just don’t know how to express it. Not only that…but how many times do you feel that the words that are coming out of your mouth do not perfectly represent what you’re thinking. Furthermore, who’s to say that the person you’re speaking to actually interprets what you’re saying the way you would like them to. I’ve always been good with words, but I can’t say I’m eloquent. Basically, what I’m trying to say is…does anyone ever know what the fuck you’re saying?

Just some thoughts on a Tuesday night…coming soon my first ice cream recipe to kick off fall. American Apple Pie It was heavenly.

And a song to wrap it up…This one goes out to anyone who thinks their dad is a super hero. I don’t know if yours is, but mine suuuure as shootin is. If you haven’t listened to Nizlopi yet..enjoy 😉

Keep smilin…it makes everyone wonder 😉


About mylifeissweet

I make ice cream, eat ice cream and then run. I love my yellow lab and look like my yellow lab, in Converse.
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One Response to Sweet September

  1. I love you and October can’t come soon enough. Words are troubling me lately, partially because I’m not sure how to express everything that has happened in three weeks and partially because I’m still missing what life was. Sigh. At least we’re not the guy left on one knee…

    Oh yea, and bring me that cheesecake.

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