Beat up

I’m really tired. Like really really tired. I just got home from work. Sat at the desk from 7:57 AM to 8:33 pm. Tonight, I feel like I am the epitome of everything they tell you not to do in a health magazine

– I sat all day.
– I stared at a computer all day
– My posture was probably horrific
– I took breaks with the smokers (but did not smoke)
– I had 5 coffees
– I ate about my body weight in Chinese food.

Oh well, right? I’m very stressed right now. In fact – starting around 6 oclock my left eye has been throbbing. That’s probably not good, right?? It’s definitely not good that I still have about 5 hours of reading left to do for work tomorrow before I go to bed. Oy! July is just our busy month…and understandably so. I work in Commodities Trading for Electricity and Natural Gas. Think about it – come summer everyone turns their AC’s on, power outages are common, water melts from the rockys and creates excess hydro power, the sun is shining for surplus solar power and hurricanes lurk around every corner. People also take a lot of vacations in the summer which makes the newbies life pretty tricky. No complaints though! I’m as happy as a clam. (Clams can be exhausted and aching backs right??)

The beginning of the week hasn’t been too bad. I’ve already run 10 miles this week 🙂 I’ve been running off a weekend of fun from my sister’s bachelorette party in Saratoga. If you’ve never been – I highly suggest it! It was ADORABLE!!

The girls

The PARTY girls

Like you’ve never seen a gluten free italian themed weiner cookie before.


And pictures can end at dinner 😉

The next morning we went to Roosevelt Spa and Baths for Mineral Baths and massages….now don’t judge but this is what the bath looked like…

The water only looked like thatbecause of the high iron levels. I swear my skin has never felt softer

A little shopping…no big purchases unfortunately

Lunch at a really cool circus themed restaurant

Veggie Melt and Sweet Potato Fries, Amen.

You wouldnt believe I went to Saratoga if I didn’t have a picture of a horse

And you wouldnt believe it was my blog unless I had a picture of ice cream (gelato, actualllyyy.

Fun fact about gelato: Gelato only contains about 35% air where as regular ice cream contains 45% and soft serve contains 60%…Gelato also has a lower butter fat percentage than ice cream so it’s better for you AND more dense.

Speaking of ice cream (as always)…check these out…


I’m making some ice cream tomorrow for the peeps at work. I think regular chocolate is on the menu. Any other requests?? I’ll be documenting the process

What’s you’re favorite flavor?

Smiles from,


About mylifeissweet

I make ice cream, eat ice cream and then run. I love my yellow lab and look like my yellow lab, in Converse.
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3 Responses to Beat up

  1. Love those ice cream earrings! Very fitting for you. 🙂
    I’ll take a delivery of strawberry, please. When I worked at an ice cream shop in high school I was completely obsessed with cake batter with fresh strawberries.

  2. Just reading what your day was like I can feel your stress. Hope you got some good sleep last night.

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