time to grow up

It’s official! I’m a grown up. Nope, neither graduating from college nor getting a full time job was enough evidence for me. It’s so strange to think I have my very own apt. Packing last night was a strangely emotional experience (no the beer had nothing to do with that). I came across all of my old journals, travel photos and just little knick-knacks that I haven’t seen in years.

Reading an old diary is, in my opinion, reading on crack. You know the character better than anyone else and you are able to empathize with all of their struggles. Even more strange – the book never ends (or grows boring) because you know exactly how every situation was handled but you are also left wondering about what happens next. I highly suggest you give it a try 😉

Welp…it’s been a day.

Woke up this morning to volunteer at my local SPCA before the big move. Would you say no to someone who gave you the opportunity to play with sixty scared puppies after they have been rescued from a puppy mill in Mississippi. I didn’t think so.

Be still my heart…look at these guys
That guy’s Bailey (no relation to my Bailey)
Long puppy
Yoda puppy

I raced home from the shelter, packed the car, and jetted down to Main Street to one last cup of coffee with the best friend (of 17 years). A large, non-fat, medium body au-lait is bliss. For the starbuckers – a misto. Try it. Love it. Lap it up. After that – and a “oh my God I lost my wallet!” fiasco – moms and pops were kind to help me move all my crud.

To be honest – it wasn’t all that bad! 32 floors…no big deal! We walked em all, how bout that for a workout

I’m kidding. I’m crazy but I’m not that crazy.

Less than five hours later, I’m packed, unpacked, put away, and showered. See, proof…

And the abode…

No I didn’t start singing “concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” when I finally got settled.

Tonight’s the first night with the new roommates. They both seem super sweet, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them. I mean, obviously, im a teensy, paltry, almost insignificant bit scared of this big change in my life. But let’s get to it!

All right, 5 am wake up. Oh, you mean I didn’t explain that I have an hour an a half commute? Silly me.

Keep smiling,

Never let life’s hardships disturb you … no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages.
Nichiren Daishonen


About mylifeissweet

I make ice cream, eat ice cream and then run. I love my yellow lab and look like my yellow lab, in Converse.
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