DC Blogfest :-D

Hey Ya’all!

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did.  I treated myself to a halfday of work on Friday and raced down to DC to see a very special boy 0:-) Traffic was not too bad thank the baby Jesus and I got there just in time for a deelish hamburger and seven beers. Is that you juging me? I sure hope not. It was hot and I had an awfully long week at work.

Saturday was spent lounging around, going to the ball and – whatdya know? – another bbq! I’m just going to let you decide how healthy I was this weekend. I think you’re all a good judge of character.

I was looking forward to Sunday all week long. As you know, I’d say it’s safe to say that I’m still on the outskirts of the blogging world. I love you all and I read you all, but I still don’t think I’m all that interesting myself.  I took a leap of faith and decided to email Miss Meghann as she was in themostamazingcityinthewholewideworld DC this weekend. I was so nervous to meet everyone! Is that weird? I found it hysterical, amazing, and empowering it was to meet such a wonderful group of girls. Hysterical because I was one of the first people to arrive on the scene and one by one fit, beautiful girls under three swarmed from all directions holding cell phones looking fab. It was funny how you just “knew” which girls were blog girls. Lunch at Scion was delish! I had a plate of fruit from the freshfruit bar and the “healthy start” breakfast (consideringthemaountofbeerihadiowedmytummyamassiveapologyintheformofgoodfood)

It was so great to meet such a wonderful group of girls – I hope I get to see you all again sometime soon 🙂 Look how pretty you all are

The rest of the evening was spent at WMZQ fest…country music anyone? no? just me? okay. Going forward. It was great! Hell…find me a bunch of hot cowboys wearing tight jeans, no shirt, and cowboy hat and I’m there. Ok, no I’m not…but I’m allowed to oogle, right?

Okay so now’s the time to lay it on ya. I have 2 months until my sister’s wedding…TWO! And, to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve been at optimal health. Transferring to a stressful job and moving back home to mom’s cooking has left me a little uncomfy in the old jeans if you catch my drift. So..I’m asking you to to help! The next two months I am going to be extremely blogtastic regarding my meal and exercise habits. I’m not going to go crazy – just healthy! A little more fruit a little less ice cream. No…I’m not ready for that. A little more fruit a little less beer and burgers. Ok, that I can live with. I’m still going to treat myself to my ice cream.

Have I not talked about that yet?!

Ice cream is my THING. I like it. love it. make it. eat it. I’ll be sure to show you the products of all my work.

Whew…that being said it is time to reeee-lax from work! I hope you all had a great weekend.

hey dc blog ladies – when can we do that again?!

Coming this week…a major Project Move Out From Mom and Dad’s House. Here’s a clue 😉

Have a great night loves!

Smiles from,


About mylifeissweet

I make ice cream, eat ice cream and then run. I love my yellow lab and look like my yellow lab, in Converse.
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6 Responses to DC Blogfest :-D

  1. Sana says:

    It was super cool meeting you! Getting back to the basics is the right attitude!!! Can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    Are you officially joining the blogging bandwagon? 😉

  3. Lizzy says:

    You started the blog! Great post! It was so nice to meet you. Next time you are in DC we should meet up…I love ice cream too. It’s actually my most favorite thing on the planet. I have been known to even eat it for breakfast!

  4. samantha says:

    kelly! you started your blog! even though i’ve been at it since january, i still feel like such a newbie. glad i can be up to date on your adventures – let me know when you are back in dc!

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